LIBERTY TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – The next time you have a recipe that calls for eggs, you may think twice before buying them, because egg prices are substantially higher than they were last year.

The most recent available consumer data shows that a dozen eggs in November 2022 cost, on average, 49% higher than at that time the previous year.

Local restaurants are feeling the effects.

Station Square in Liberty has been paying three times more for its eggs in the last six months.

“Crazy, crazy… You buy a 15 dozen case — it was around $20 — now we pay $65 to $70,” said owner Ottavio Musumeci.

Musumeci said they use about 90 eggs alone just to make wedding soup.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s in Sharpsville is also having to shell out more money as well.

“They were almost $17 a case, and now they are $70. I’ve paid as much as $80 a case,” said Olivia Speier, kitchen manager at Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

It’s not only the price of eggs that has gone up but egg cartons as well.

“They’ve gone from like 22 cents to 30 cents. My feed costs — we feed a non-GMO feed here — and it’s gone up about 45 percent,” said Michael Kovach, of Walnut Hill Farm.

A variety of factors are driving up prices, including inflation, the bird flu, supply chain challenges and high feed costs.

According to A.J. Sumell, a professor of economics at Youngstown State University, when you see a dramatic change in prices, it’s either because of a change in supply, a change in demand, or potentially both. In the case of eggs, Sumell said it’s supply-driven, and the demand for eggs increases over the holidays.

“So we just went through Christmas, so you see this general increase for demand, along with a sharp decrease in supply, and that’s why currently we’re seeing such dramatically higher prices than we did, say, a year ago,” Sumell said.

Right now, retailers are trying to replenish inventory to normal operating levels. It could be several months before eggs are at the price point shoppers are used to paying.