POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – Honeybees are creating a buzz and it’s harvest time.

Lori Mowad has been busy since April and is collecting capped honey. First News Anchor Dave Sess was with her Thursday to help out.

Mowad has collected over 500 pounds of honey this week. What can’t be cut out, comes out after spinning in a centrifuge. Beekeepers enjoy this part of the season.

“It’s an exciting time because we really want to see what color honey we’re gonna get,” Mowad said.

Honey gets its color from the pollen that a hive gathers. Some honey is left to put back in the hive. The bees eat their own product.

It takes 12 bees to make a teaspoon of honey.

Bees even travel up to two miles before returning to the hive. It’s those trips that make or break the season.

“For us? It’s a great season. Last year, it rained so much so the bees couldn’t go out of the hive to get the pollen or the rain washed off the pollen.  So we have a great year this year,” Moowad said.

The honey needs to have the impurities removed but will be turned into all sorts of things like soap, lip balm, and even candles. But will this batch will be ready for the Canfield Fair?

“Certainly certainly. It’ll definitely be at the fair. So, right now we will wait two weeks before we re-siphon the honey one more time. We’ll sell the honey at the fair,” Mowad said.

Some of the new honey products infuse flavors, like hot peppers, orange and even lemon.

Mowad has 28 hives, which hold tens of thousands of bees. They’ve done the work but now Lori’s busy as a bee and appreciated Dave’s help.

“You can help me anytime you want to take off some wax!” Mowad said.

The bottle of Let It Bee Honey you buy could be one Dave helped make.

The Columbiana and Mahoning County Beekeepers always have a big presence at the Canfield Fair in the fruit, hay and grain building.