AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Lane LifeTrans held a picnic to honor their employees during National EMS Week.

The company also recognized special events that happened throughout the year.

Thomas Lambert, chief of operations of Lane LifeTrans, said this is a way to say thank you for all their hard work, especially during the pandemic.

There were a couple of field births and a very special life-saving effort.

On the scene of a fire, a neighbor suddenly went into cardiac arrest. With the help of a bystander, who happened to be an off-duty EMT, the woman was able to be resuscitated.

“In a cardiac arrest, you know they call it the chain of survival. You take one link of that chain out and it lessens someone’s rate, and she had every link of the chain, which made the difference that she’s able to be here with her family,” Lambert said.

“I just feel like God placed me in the right place at the right time and we made it happen, so thankfully, she’s still here with us today,” said EMT Ashley Lewis.

Lambert said bystander CPR is very important, and they hope more people chose to learn it.

If you would like to learn, Lane LifeTrans teaches class twice a week.