Ruberto Racing Stables in Lisbon are heading to Kentucky in October for another ride with their 10-time winning horse to honor a family legacy. 

Owner Jen Roburto’s love of horses started when she was only eight years old. 

Now, she and her family own a racing stable outside their back door. That’s where they house and train several race horses.  

“Yep, we’re all in there cleaning stalls, brushing horses, getting them ready for training, running back and forth to the track. It’s definitely all family run,” Roburto said.  

It’s not just working horses that capture Jen’s heart – it’s the retired ones too.  

She has spent over 10 years placing retired race horses at farms once their job is done. 

“There’s not many horses that slip through the cracks. They might disappear or end up on a farm somewhere and not get the best care,” Roburto said. 

She connects trainers with buyers to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

“Seeing a smile on people’s faces and seeing the horse is doing well, it’s super, super rewarding,” Roburto said. 

One retired horse is “Storm of the Century”, who the family has owned since she was two years old.  

“He’s a favorite horse in the barn. He’s got a lot of personality,” she said. 

Stormy has 10 wins under his belt. He is now taking on the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover at the Kentucky Horse Park. 

“A super kind horse. A little difficult sometimes, but a challenge is always good,” said Roburto. 

Both Jen’s mother and mother-in-law recently passed away just six months apart.  

She will be riding in their memory, raising money for the American Cancer Society. 

“It’s been hard. I just want to make them proud,” she said. 

She said the memory of her mother in law, who she calls the family matriarch, is the driving force when things get tough. 

“She’d say, ‘Cowgirl up, cowgirl up,'” Roburto said.