YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s a short week of school, and some Youngstown students had an interesting lesson Monday.

MLK Elementary has been growing fresh greens in the school’s new hydroponic farms. The district had received a $95,000 grant for almost 20 of these farms across the district.

Students were harvesting their crops on Monday. The lettuce was grown indoors with water and without dirt. The students learn agriculture, nutrition and science along the way.

“They were so excited when they first started. At one of our schools, they were watching u and they were asking why are you growing little aliens? As the little seedlings got bigger, they thought we had a little spaceship with aliens we were growing. They were very excited to get to watch it and to see them grow. And then to harvest it and actually taste the lettuce they were growing,” said Tascin Brooks, food service director.

The kids were picking lettuce that will become a salad in the lunchroom on Tuesday.