Seasonal Amazon employees in North Jackson surprised by short work assignment

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One woman had only been working for the distribution center for two weeks -- she thought her time there would be longer than that

NORTH JACKSON, Ohio (WYTV) – Seasonal Amazon employees were told Tuesday that their work assignments at the North Jackson distribution center were ending. Still, employees said it came as a surprise to them.

“I was very shocked,” said Kelsey Vincent, of Austintown.

She’d only been working at the Amazon facility for two weeks after leaving a management position she held for eight years.

Vincent knew the position was seasonal when she applied but said she was told, “Amazon’s always going to have a need for delivery drivers.”

The employees we talked to now without work said they were drivers for Amazon and got their paychecks from Amazon. This does not seem to affect drivers who deliver for Amazon but work for a third-party company.

“People order Amazon every day, so there was no end cap on it,” Vincent said. “But we were expecting it to be longer than two weeks.”

Youngstown’s Todai Collier was also a seasonal worker whose assignment is ending. Like Vincent, she was an Amazon employee who drove a delivery truck on the second shift.

Both women said that’s where most of the people whose work assignments ended had worked.

They said they were brought in groups of about ten people Tuesday and given the news.

“A lot of upset people, sad,” Collier said. “Because everybody has kids and homes and, you know, life to live. This is their jobs. They left their jobs for this one.”

The North Jackson distribution center just opened in late May.

Three weeks ago, the media was invited inside to see the operation, the 200 people working in the warehouse and the hundreds more who were drivers.

But all of the excitement over the facility’s open is now lost on Vincent.

When Amazon hired her, she thought she was set for a while.

“Health insurance from day one, 401K from day one. I bragged about it to my family, my friends,” Vincent said.

Amazon released the following statement Tuesday:

“We operate in a seasonal business and throughout the year, we hire seasonal associates to work with us: We appreciate their contributions. These temporary assignments end at various times, but we keep these associates in mind for future assignments and opportunities for a variety of roles.”

Employees we talked to said they were told they wouldn’t be working there anymore because the facility is shipping fewer packages than anticipated. Amazon said that’s not accurate.

One employee told us some of them will be offered jobs in the Akron area.

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