(WKBN) – A lawsuit has been filed in a Wisconsin court in connection to an E.coli outbreak involving tainted food sold in Ohio and other areas.

Rom Simon and Associates filed the lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of Nicole Ksioszk, of Wisconsin.

The lawsuit surrounds the Oct. 7 recall of two varieties of Earth Grown Frozen Falafel due to a possibility of E. coli contamination.

The product was sold exclusively by ALDI in several states across the U.S.

There were 20 reported cases of sickness in six states, including Ohio and Wisconsin.  At least five of the cases required hospitalization due to the severity of their symptoms, with at least one person developing a kidney condition.

One of those customers impacted was Nicole Ksioszk. She was hospitalized after eating tainted product, according to her attorneys, and continues to recover from E. coli poisoning.

Ksioszk bought the falafel at an ALDI store in Crafton, Wisconsin.

ALDI and distributor Cuisine Innovations Unlimited, LLC were named in the lawsuit.