NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Many people stayed home, stayed warm and watched TV all day Friday. But, the stores were open to give last-minute shoppers a chance. We found there were plenty of people taking advantage of the situation.

Conditions were tough — freezing cold, windy, blowing snow — but there were a good number of last-minute shoppers at the Eastwood Mall.

“It was alright. I wouldn’t do it again,” said Brett Shephard, of Hermitage.

Shephard knew his shopping was last minute, but he had to get out and get some presents for the kids.

“Yeah, just close, a little small items. That’s about it though, man,” he said.

The Eastwood Mall had a big crowd on Thursday ahead of the storm. On Friday, people weathered the conditions, realizing that time was running out and they still had to complete their lists.

While the weather was a problem, selection was not. There’s no shortage of inventory after last year’s supply chain problems led people to scramble.

“A lot of the merchants really stocked up early, very early with inventory. So they’re pretty well stocked for those special things you’re looking for,” said the Eastwood Mall’s Joe Bell.

Even Santa was taking pictures and last-minute requests for those tough-to-find items. The train had plenty of room to roll too.

Many people were carrying multiple packages and finishing their shopping, but one day remains to shop, Christmas Eve.

“There are always those last-minute shoppers come in, regardless of when it falls in the calendar. But when it’s falling on a Saturday, it’s even more likely people are going to be running in here [for] those stocking stuffers or maybe that big gift they forgot,” Bell said.

Warren’s George Behrens had shoveled his driveway before going to the mall. It was a trip he had to make.

“Had last-minute gifts get canceled because of the storm through Amazon or whatever. So here I am to make sure something’s under the tree for the wife,” he said.

He was another person carrying multiple bags. He found what he was looking for and was ready to head home for good.

“Oh, yeah. I’m not coming back out. After I go home and get warm, we’re staying home,” Behrens said.

The Eastwood Mall is open until 10 p.m. Friday along with the Southern Park Mall. The Grove City outlets are open until 9 p.m. Friday. They’re all open on Christmas Eve but close in the late afternoon.