Large donation brings major changes to Firestone Park pool house

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The last day for the pool to be open is September 7. After that, the city plans to start construction

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) – Columbiana has been making improvements to Firestone Park, but one area that hasn’t been checked off was the pool house.

The city wasn’t even looking to start working on it until a large donation came in.

The pool house was built in the mid 1930s and there has been some damage over time.

“This is my 40th summer as pool manager and we’ve fixed the roof at least seven times in those 40 years,” said pool manager Terry Shaffer.

Water leaks cause the most damage in the hallway leading to both the men’s and women’s locker rooms.

“As you can see, it’s a flat roof right now. It’s been leaking for years. It’s a maintenance headache,” said city manager Lance Willard.

When it didn’t look like the pools would be allowed to open this season, an anonymous donor gave $300,000.

“We had not talked about redoing the pool house. Major upgrade, it was not on our radar,” Willard said.

At a special city council meeting Tuesday night, the plan was presented by an engineer. It involves turning the flat roof into a peaked roof. This will make it easier for rain and snow to fall off.

“Then freezing and then thawing and that played havoc into the spring. You’d never know what you’d find here,” Shaffer said.

Both the park board and city council approved the plan.

The roof isn’t the only thing that needs fixed. The bricks on the outside of the building are old and deteriorating.

“Those bricks will be staying there and we’re going to be putting something over them. We don’t know what the product’s going to be,” Willard said.

Shaffer said he’s not going to miss all of these issues.

“I’m really, truly looking forward to next year,” Shaffer said.

The last day for the pool to be open is September 7. After that, the city plans to start construction.

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