AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Workers with Second Nature Landscaping in Austintown are as ready as they’re going to be for this weekend’s expected storm.

This winter season to date has been fairly mild. Because of that, workers were able to continue landscaping, but their workload is set to change this weekend.

“The tail end of last week, we figured we need to get serious about winter because we actually have machines with snowplows on them. We moved those machines to our sites,” said owner Tony DiGiamoco.

Although snow and ice control amount to just about 30% of his business, DiGiacomo started preparing for the season weeks ago.

“We did bring in 18 pallets of sidewalk salt early because we were afraid that it might be hard to get it,” DiGiacomo said.

DiGiacomo admits the pandemic supply chain issues and even keeping enough workers on hand have had an impact.

“We had a truck that we did without for just shy of five weeks due to particularly to mechanics with COVID and availability of parts,” he said.

When the snow does start piling up, the company will have four Bobcats and three trucks to handle parking lots as well as additional crews handling sidewalks for customers.