LEAVITTSBURG, Ohio (WKBN) – Good shoes can take you to good places, and two LaBrae students hope the Vans shoes they custom-designed can win their school $50,000.

“We’re the only school in Ohio that got chosen for the finalist, So we hope that our community can pull together to give us the vote so we can win,” said student Cierra Burchett-Norquist.

Burchett-Norquist and Kristen Corvin submitted sketches for the competition. Vans chose 200 designs to actually be customized.

“They put in so much hard work and thought behind their idea in their theme to try to convey that through their shoes without having to tell their story to their viewer,” said Labrae art teacher Katie Kistler.

The shoes are on display at LaBrae High School and a second pair had been shown at a student art show which finished last night.

Corvin’s shoe is cut in half.  It’s part of the Head in the Clouds theme. The pictures include past stories versus your future.

“Like sometimes people have a rough past, and then they end up creating a better future for themselves so I decided to show it off in like a book,” Corvin said.

The second shoe is Burchett-Norquist’s design for Hometown Pride. It includes pictures of landmarks and monuments from around the area.

“So on my shoes, they’re spread out like film or photography. That way the pictures can be resembled into photography film,” she said.

If happiness starts within your sole, these designs will hold up well. There’s a saying — Life is short, buy the shoes.  In this case, you can vote for them. The girls would appreciate your support.

“There’s a lot of really good competition. I feel like we have a really good chance and hopefully, we can win,” Corvin said.

You can vote once a day through 5 p.m. next Friday. To vote, click here.