NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Several children are facing criminal charges stemming from the investigation into a fight at the Eastwood Mall over the weekend.

WKBN First News has obtained a video of the incident, but we’ve decided not to show it because it contains juveniles.

The fight happened Sunday near the children’s play area and moved to the food court.

Emergency calls from the scene paint a picture of chaos.

Caller 1: “There’s one 12-14-year-old girl and boy that’s gotten attacked by a bunch of teenagers.”
Caller 2: “There’s a gang fight at the food court.”
Dispatcher: “How many people?”
Caller 2: “(Expletive) loads of them. There’s probably 30 of them.”

Cafaro Company spokesperson Joe Bell said the activity was “reprehensible.”

“It’s completely unacceptable. It’s disorderly and it’s illegal,” he said.

Police say six children between the ages of 12-16 are charged with aggravated riot. One of those kids is facing an additional charge for the assault of a mall security officer. Investigators are working to identify a seventh person.

“There are repercussions to what you do,” said Capt. John Marshall. “At 12,13,14 years old for a charge as serious as this, you could lose a large part of your young adult or teenage life to incarceration, potentially.”

Police say in addition to the criminal charges, the children have also been placed on a criminal trespass list, meaning they won’t be allowed back on Eastwood Mall property.

“We want to welcome people in here and let them know they can feel safe. Their families are welcome, and we don’t like that kind of activity to get anywhere near them,” Bell said.