AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — On Saturday, a Cleveland firefighter was killed while assisting at a rollover crash along Interstate 90.

“It’s one of my biggest fears I have for all my people,” said Austintown Fire Chief Andy Frost.

Frost spoke about the dangers first responders face during crashes and how drivers can help prevent another tragedy.

“We do everything we can, we put blocked vehicles out, we do cones, lights. Our trucks are lit up like Christmas trees,” Frost said.

He said drivers need to understand how dangerous it is for crews at the scene of an accident, and that accidents on the interstate are preventable.

“It could happen to any one of us at any time, and things happen so fast on the interstate so we understand how it happens and its just become such a danger to all of us,” Frost said.

He stresses that drivers shouldn’t try to cut through an accident scene.

“Please don’t go around the barriers that are set up, please slow down, please move to whichever lane you are being directed to,” Frost said.

In Austintown, two fire engines are sent to an accident — one to block the scene and one to assist victims.

“The one thing we cannot control is responsible driving and that is just scary to us,” Frost said.