AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Brothers Don, 68, and Chris Johnson, 71, own the Austintown Glenwood Cycle Shop. On Saturday, they’re going to retire, and at the same time, close their shop after 67 years in business.

On Tuesday afternoon at the shop, John Check was picking up a bike, and Patti Kostelnac was shopping for accessories. They also learned Tuesday about the shop closing.

“It’s sad, don’t know where I’m going to go now. I’ve always come here, so I’ll have to find a new place,” Check said.

“Sad, or beyond sad. There’s a whole group of us that come here from the Steel Valley Triathlon Club and we’ve been coming here for years and years, and yeah, we hate to see them go,” Kostelnac said.

“It’s just time. It’s time. We have some health issues that we’re dealing with,” Don said.

Don and Chris have spent their whole lives in the business. Their parents, Chuck and Terry Johnson, first opened in 1954 as the Glenwood Bicycle Shop on Glenwood Avenue in Youngstown.

“We sort of grew up in the bike shop there. Mom took care of us. Dad worked a part time job at a Ford garage, and Mom kept the store open until he would show up after work and then come to the store,” Chris said.

In 1982, they moved to Fitch Boulevard behind the Austintown Plaza and renamed it Austintown Glenwood Cycle.

“Moved out to the suburbs where there was more people, more business,” Don said.

Along with bicycles, they also sold golf carts and utility vehicles made by Cushman and Club Car.

“The Cushman line we used to service the General Motors plant out there with the vehicles they drove around there,” Chris said.

On Tuesday in the showroom, there were just eight bikes for sale, the pandemic having created a shortage of parts and a lack of bikes.

The brothers know it’s time to retire and close, but still, they say it’s sad.

“Sad to see the people and not see the people. All of our customers were more like family to us than just customers,” Don said.

Saturday is the last day, and people are invited to stop and say goodbye.

The brothers owned the building but sold it to Superior Auto Body next door, which will now take it over.