WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Clarissa Reichard says the past nine months have been a nightmare…

“Every morning when I wake up, it’s hard to get up because I know reality sets in that she’s not here,” she said.

That’s how long it has been since her daughter, Kammie Kiser, was murdered in the parking lot of a Warren apartment complex.

Now, Reichard and investigators are asking for people who have information to speak up so that Kiser’s killer can be brought to justice.

“I don’t care if it’s until I’m old and gray and there’s still not been justice found, I will not let it go,” Reichard said.

Back in May, Kiser was murdered in the parking lot of the Warren Heights apartment complex. Two others were also shot but survived. Kiser was just 19 years old.

“I just don’t see how it’s OK to play God with somebody like that and hurt so many people and the truth not come out or someone be held accountable,” Reichard said.

Detective Michael Altiere is now the lead detective in the case. He says investigators have the vehicle they believe was used to get to and from the scene.

“We’ve gathered some information from that vehicle and right now, because of that, we do have persons of interests that we would like, when they see this, I encourage them to come and speak to me,” Altiere said.

Altiere says investigators have reason to believe Kiser was not the target of the shooting. Now, he’s asking for the community’s continued cooperation, which could help in the investigation.

“We know that only one person is responsible for the death of Kammie. I know that that is a fact. So anybody else that may be out there that knows about this, this is the time to come and let me know,” Altiere said.

Meanwhile, Kiser’s family is raising money for a reward. It’s an effort they hope will encourage someone to come forward with the information needed to bring Kiser’s killer to justice.

“It would mean a lot to my heart, my family’s, and I know it would to Kammie. If somebody just found in their heart to just have enough strength and courage to come forward,” Reichard said.

If you have information about Kiser’s murder, you’re asked to give Altiere a call at 330-841-2749.