CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – You’re paying more for gas, food, rent and utilities, so where can you save money? Consignment shops are popular again and bargain hunting is back in vogue.

Consignment shops take items and sell them for people. Those items are growing with the seasonal switch but also people looking to possibly make a few bucks.

There are plenty of clothing racks at Curiosity Shop in Canfield.

“Women are shoppers. And if they don’t get rid of some of the things in their closet, they have no more room,” said Diane Laudo, owner.

Laudo takes those items on consignment, knowing that women love a good bargain and are willing to look for it. She’s run the Curiosity Shop for over 20 years and believes the bargain browsing happens no matter what prices are for other things.

“In any economy, consignment stores do very well,” Laudo said.

Penny Pinchers has been in business since 1963. Organizer Kate McAllen said It’s been rebounding since a closing stint during the pandemic and has also been noticing people shopping for bargains.

“We have everything from Burberry to Cache. So we have a lot of coverage but they are coming in and buying something,” she said.

Penny Pinchers is a non-profit and many people will donate the items with the proceeds going to the Silver Lining Cancer Fund. And the more items in a store, the more it encourages people to find the diamond in the rough.

“Most definitely. We’ve seen an increase in sales. People saying I’ve never been here before, “McAllen said.

Other shops such as Consign & Design and Plato’s Closet say business is good, too, as people are looking for cheaper items and wanting to make room in their closets for something new.