Impeachment issue split along party lines for local lawmakers

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Valley Congressman Bill Johnson said in the meantime, it's a distraction from work getting done in Washington

SEBRING, Ohio (WYTV) – The word “impeachment” has been dominating national headlines. The divide pretty much splits along party lines and that’s the case for local lawmakers, too.

As the back-and-forth between lawmakers and President Trump continues over his discussions with leaders in Ukraine, Valley Congressman Bill Johnson said there’s an awful lot not being done now in Washington.

“This is a distraction from doing what the American people sent us there to do.”

Although Congress is on a break for another couple of weeks, Johnson said he’s still waiting on Democrat leaders in the House to take action on the long-awaited agreement to replace NAFTA with Canada and Mexico.

“It’s an agreement that would help farmers and manufacturers, particularly here in Ohio, creating about $68 billion in increased domestic product.”

As you’d expect, the Valley’s other Congressman, Democrat and presidential candidate Tim Ryan, disagrees.

Although he wasn’t able to talk to us Friday, he has been very vocal on social media about the issue.

“I don’t see a crime there,” Johnson said. “This is the president of the United States. That’s his job under the constitution — international negotiations and diplomacy.”

While the bickering continues, Johnson doesn’t see it coming down to impeachment.

“No, I don’t think there’s the votes,” he said.

Even if articles of impeachment are approved, Johnson doesn’t think the Republican majority in the Senate will convict the president.

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