WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – A new 18-page report from the Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office confirms that Girard Officer Justin Leo was not wearing his bulletproof vest when he was shot in the chest and killed in the line of duty in October.

The report states that Leo and Officer Mathew Jamison responded to a home in the 400 block of Indiana Avenue in Girard around 10 p.m. on October 21.

The 911 caller said she left the house with her children because her boyfriend, Jason Marble, was upset and waving guns around. A friend called her after she left and said Marble was shooting guns off in the house.

The report describes Marble as “an angry, unhinged, drug/alcohol-infested criminal bound on his own self-destruction.”

Both officers walked up to the house. Jamison said Marble came to the front door and they started talking with him. They asked if they could come inside, but Marble said no.

The officers asked Marble for ID and he said he would give it to them, the report states. Leo, who was holding a flashlight, put the flashlight back in his belt and was reaching for a notepad. Jamison said that’s when Marble pulled out a gun and shot Leo point blank in the chest through the screen door.READ: Full shooting report (Warning: Content may be disturbing to some)

“That face,” Jamison recalled to investigators later. “You train for something that’s evil, but no emotions. He just raised the gun…I don’t think Leo even saw it coming.”

Jamison shot back three times, hitting Marble, he told investigators. He then called for backup around 10:15 p.m., saying Leo was down.

Jamison said he saw Marble go down, but thought he heard a door shut and wasn’t sure if there was still a threat. He could see Marble lying dead inside the house.

When Jamison asked Leo if his vest took the shot, Leo – who was still conscious at the time – told him he wasn’t wearing one. Jamison stayed with him until the ambulance came. Leo died later at the hospital.

According to the report, Leo’s gun was in his belt the whole time and had never been fired.

The report concluded that Marble murdered Leo and Jamison killed Marble in self-defense.

An autopsy showed that Leo was shot twice – once in the chest and once in the finger.

Marble’s autopsy revealed he was shot three times – in the arm, chest and upper chest/lower neck. He had a blood-alcohol content of .237 percent – nearly three times the legal driving limit, according to the report. There were also high levels of fentanyl in his system, indicating that he had a high tolerance and likely history of opioid abuse, the coroner said.

Marble’s girlfriend, Angela Diana, told investigators later that he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. She said he’d been clean for a while but started showing signs of heroin use again over the past two months.

That night, Diana said they were fighting because she thought he was buying drugs from someone and she confronted him about it. “He went ballistic,” she told investigators, and said he went to the bedroom and brought out a handgun and an AR-15.

Marble started waving them around in a threatening way, she said, so Diana left with her children.

The shots her friend heard were from Marble’s AR-15, which he fired at the kitchen cabinets, the report states.

She told police guns were a hobby of Marble’s and he was obsessed with cleaning them.

Marble’s police record dates to 2000 and includes domestic violence, endangering children and breaking and entering. In 2015, he was found passed out in Liberty and revived with naloxone.