Humane agents with Animal Charity of Ohio busy checking on overheated animals

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This week alone, humane agents rescued 19 animals left out in the hot conditions

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – For over the past week, temperatures have remained in the 90s. This can make it difficult to do almost anything outdoors, but for some pets, being left outside in the heat can be deadly.

Benny, a four-and-a-half-month-old mixed breed, was found Wednesday night seeking shelter from the heat under a car on Youngstown’s south side.

“When he came in, you can actually smell, like, the whatever was leaking out of that car on him,” said Jane MacMurchy, with Animal Charity of Ohio.

This week alone, humane agents rescued 19 animals left out in the hot conditions, many of those calls coming late in the day.

“When we’re battling this heat right now, it’s been around the 2 p.m. time that the emergencies are really starting to pick up and come in,” MacMurchy said.

Using a temperature gun, like those many are using to check for COVID-19 related fevers, it was 94 degrees in the shade outside Animal Charity’s offices Thursday afternoon. It was 146 degrees in the parking lot. Earlier this week, the reading was 160 on a metal pan used at the bottom of an outdoor dog kennel on the south side.

One of Thursday’s calls was for animals left outside without enough water. Agents recorded the scene for themselves and reminded the owner to check on his dogs.

“We will follow back up. We will go back out within 24 hours to a week and make sure they made the improvements,” MacMurchy said.

But some of the problems involve callers who exaggerate their complaints, thinking agents will respond sooner.

“And then what will happen is, we get there and have to… we’re further out from an emergent call that comes in,” MacMurchy said.

Agents can only hope they get to those calls in time.

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