Hubbard student’s parking lot painting in support of police, fire, military defaced

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HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Painting parking spots at high schools is a popular pastime for seniors, but this year, the tradition was tarnished for one student.

High school senior Mya Reynolds says her decorated parking spot at Hubbard high school, dedicated to police, firefighters and the military was vandalized.

Reynolds said as she was painting the parking spot on Friday when another student called her racist and was heckling her. The next day the painting was defaced.

“I was crying. I was balling my eyes out. I called my mom and she just told me we will paint it again, and we’ll keep painting it if we have to,” Reynolds said.

The painting looks like a flag and contains a blue stripe for police, red for firefighters and other first responders, and green for the military.

On Monday, Reynolds was back outside repairing the damage with help from members of the police and fire departments and her friends.

“It’s just outrageous how someone can have the guts to come and do this. Half the school is supporting her in this and we will hopefully find out who did it and get them to confess because it’s not right, said Grace Narkum, Reynold’s friend and senior at Hubbard High School.

Students put a lot of hard work into painting their parking spots. They pay for the spot along with paint and supplies.

Chief Bob Thompson says he stopped up when the kids were painting. He said it was a hot day when the spots were painted and the students spend hours doing them. He said he would have been upset at any spot that got defaced.

“After we heard about it, we wanted to support her back and help her out. I contacted the fire chief who said he would get a fire crew up here. Contacted the VFW and they offered to pay for supplies or whatever she needed to get it back painted and repaired. We had some policemen come up here to help her paint and get it fixed,” Thompson said.

Reynolds said everyone has been very supportive.

“I really appreciate all of it and I don’t know what I would do without my community,” she said.

The vandalism is under investigation. Anyone with any information is urged to call police.

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