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Howland firefighters stop oven fire, save Thanksgiving for family

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They then cleaned out the burner and reassembled the oven for the homeowner

HOWLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Howland firefighters responded to a reported fire and helped save a Thanksgiving dinner.

It happened around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night on the 3900 block of Valacamp Ave.

It wasn’t a start to the holiday this family on Valacamp Ave. expected.

“Drop what you’re doing and go outside and don’t stay in the house,” is what homeowner Clifford Frazier said was the advice given to him and his family from the 911 dispatcher.

Sugar at the bottom of the Frazier’s oven caused it to go up in flames.

“I was watching TV and my wife is baking out here and she yelled ‘cliff we got a fire out here’,” said Frazier.

Cliff Frazier and his wife were able to put out the flames with flour, but the Howland Fire Department got there shortly after to a kitchen full of smoke.

“The fire was out completely, but the mess that was left was something to see,” said Assistant Fire Chief Jim Sapp.

After they put out the smoke, fire fighters went the extra mile to help save Thanksgiving.

“When the fire department came, they took the stove out and they cleaned it outside and they carried it back in, connected it all up and told her, you bake your cake,” said Frazier.

Something Assistant Fire Chief Jim Sapp was so proud of his team for doing.

“They found it, they shop vac’d it all out, they cleaned it, wiped it all out, put it back together took it back inside for the homeowners and she continued to bake for the rest of the evening, for today’s family dinner,” said Sapp.

But Sapp isn’t surprised by their extra act of kindness.

“The men and women of the Howland Fire Department, they go above and beyond every day,” said Sapp.

For the Frazier’s, it was a moment of service from the local fire department they’ll never forget.

Cliff Frazier said it was sugar on the bottom of the stove that accidentally spilled over.

But even something so sweet, can cause a sour situation, so make sure your oven is clean for the holiday baking season.

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