BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN)- Maybe your kid isn’t old enough for a haunted house. But, what about running around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating?

If you plan on trick-or-treating this year, reflective tape and even glowsticks are a great place to start to make sure your kid is visible after the sun sets.

With the forecast on Halloween looking rainy, make sure that reflective tape is on your kids jacket. Avoid crossing the street where possible and make sure they stay close by.

“One of the things we worry about is obviously them running after the candy and not thinking about safety themselves,” said Amanda Lencyk, Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

She added to make sure that those older trick-or-treaters stick to a group of friends for safety.

A trauma coordinator with Mercy Health has some reminders for drivers, too.

She advises to look up when trick-or-treat is happening in your neighborhood. Drive slowly and watch for kids running into the street. She also warns that costumes can be trip hazards and masks can prevent kids from seeing.

“If they in any way prevent the child from being able to see, it’s going to become a hazard so that may be something you put on for a picture but you take off when you’re going door to door,” said Lencyk.

She said besides cars, the biggest Halloween injuries she sees are from falls.

And with the potentially rainy and slippery weather on Monday, she advises you to watch out for wet leaves and slippery sidewalks.