How to safely get rid of used fireworks

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Some waste collection services ask customers to soak their fireworks for one or two days

(WYTV) – If you spent your 4th of July weekend setting off fireworks, you’re probably looking to get rid of what’s left. So, what’s the best and safest way to throw out used fireworks?

“You don’t need to throw it away that night, don’t rush it,” said Daniel Peart, with Phantom Fireworks.

Peart said after you finish setting off your display, it’s best to let them cool on their own.

“When they’re functioning, that cardboard and paper gets hot. Sometimes there’s a piece of cardboard inside one of the tubes down there that may still be a little bit red that may still be burning a little bit,” he said.

Once it’s time to bring them to the curb, you’ll want to double-check that there aren’t any unused fireworks being sent to the trash.

“Today, we had a small fire in one of our trucks in the Canton area. Somebody placed fireworks out in the truck and it got mixed into the trash and ignited,” said Brent Bowker, general manager of Republic Services.

Republic Services is a waste collection company.

“Once it gets into the truck, it can mix with different things, they can spark. A whole bunch of things can happen which can cause a fire and then it turns into a safety issue for the driver of the truck,” Bowker said.

He said their company policy is to ask customers to soak their fireworks in water for 24 to 48 hours before pick-up.

“Usually, the day or two before your pick-up day. Once you’ve done that and they’re good and saturated, place the fireworks in a plastic bag and seal it up, that way the moisture doesn’t evaporate and they dry out again. Place them at the curb and we’ll dispose of them from there,” Bowker said.

For fireworks scattered on the side of the road…

“Be patient with the city. We know there is a strain on city services at this time but if we can all do our part to partner, it makes for a better community for all of us,” said Demaine Kitchens, president of Youngstown City Council.

Local leaders ask for people to take initiative to clean up their own fireworks to help keep neighborhoods and sanitation workers safe.

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