YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s tough just getting the grass cut every week. Have you been keeping an eye on your trees? It’s important to take a good look now before the leaves drop.

August is National Tree Check Month. Arborist Mark Noark knows what to look for. Thumping on the tree can give you a sign of its health.

“You hear that really dense sound that we know this tree is really structurally sound. That simple,” he said.

Noark said there are five steps to checking your trees, starting with looking at the canopy.

“I can see if it’s not green and it’s not lush, and we’re starting to see a lot of deadwood in the tree. Therefore there could be some problem going on.”

Check for disease and invasive pests, like the Asian Beetle or Spotted Lanternfly, and notify your extension office if you see them. Look for signs of heat stress. Noark knows it’s been dry. He’s already seeing the River Birch dropping leaves and is noticing Apple Scab Leaf Disease.

Gone untreated during spring months, therefore you are going to start seeing early defoliation of your apple tree,” Noark said.

Noark also suggests to prune, thin, and fertilize trees. And lastly, ask an arborist to look at imperfections of a tree. Noark and Davey Tree prefer to try and protect trees by using cabling or bracing.

“We’re one of the few companies that still do that today, “Noark said. “To make trees safe. I would rather preserve them more than anything. I’m not a fan of cutting trees down.”

Two reasons why this is important. A healthy tree will stand strong during winter storms. Good trees and shrubs can improve a home’s value by 20%.