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How older adults can access information, make appointments for COVID-19 vaccine

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Some of them worry that not having a computer is putting them at the back of the line

(WYTV) – It’s been almost a week since people over the age of 80 have been eligible to get COVID-19 vaccines in Ohio, but some older adults are having difficulty getting an appointment.

We’ve had calls into the newsroom from older adults saying they can’t get an appointment for their COVID-19 vaccine.

Some of them worry that not having a computer is putting them at the back of the line.

Cassandra Valentini of Direction Home of Eastern Ohio says some local seniors are calling their office after not being able to schedule an appointment.

She says her team works to reassure seniors that they will get the vaccine and will even work to fill out the online form for them while on the phone.

Valentini says she’s not sure if it’s good to have online sign-ups for the older adults since many don’t have computers.

“Most of our seniors don’t have the opportunity to sign up online, but the ones that we’ve helped connect, and filled out their application and emailed it or pressed that submit button for them, they received calls back that they were going to get that vaccine.,” said Valentini.

You can call (330) 505-2300 get in touch with Direction Home.

They’re open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Direction Home can help with getting an appointment for your COVID-19 vaccine and they can also answer questions about possible scams or about the vaccine overall.

Health experts are warning against thinking everything goes back to normal after getting a COVID-19 vaccine and that stands true for older adults and people living in assisted living facilities.

Valentini stresses that social distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing will remain important after getting a vaccine.

“Just because you receive your vaccine doesn’t mean you can automatically whip off your mask and go about your life. We need to continue to practice those social distancing measures that we have been since the beginning until we get to that herd immunity,” said Valentini.

She says that local assisted living facilities have been doing a great job of keeping their residents safe after many have gotten vaccines by maintaining social distancing.

We did get one question into our newsroom from a viewer who’s in an assisted living facility, asking whether we knew if residents would be able to stop social distancing to be able to play cards again.

Valentini said that the Department of Aging isn’t recommending for facilities to ease social distancing yet. She says they’ll continue to track the COVID-19 pandemic with doctors to figure out the appropriate time to make changes.

The Ohio Department of Aging posted videos on their website that discuss the vaccine. Anyone who’s got questions about it and who has access to a computer to check them out.

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