How Mayo Clinic surgeons used 3D printing to help motorcycle crash victim

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(WYTV) – Every day it seems doctors and surgeons are finding new uses for 3D printing. Let’s show you what they accomplished at the Mayo Clinic.

In June of 2020, John Roby’s face was crushed in a serious motorcycle accident.

Plastic surgeons, with the help of radiologists and biomedical engineers, used 3D printing to recreate John’s face as it was and as they hoped it would be.

“By collaborating between engineering, radiology and plastic surgery, we’re able to create a perfected skull where all the parts that we previously had created are now in the right area and in the right location both for the form of his skull so that he looks normal, as well as functions normal after the fracture,” said Dr. Jonathan Morris, a radiologist from the Mayo Clinic.

The surgical team built three versions of the face with each fragment in a separate color. It’s a 3D guide to rebuilding the face, taking away the guesswork.

It’s a long process. John recently had his ninth surgery and he’s about done.

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