NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Rising food, gas, and energy prices are a struggle across the Valley, We reported this week about how it’s impacting shoppers and is especially hard for people with lower incomes, but some agencies are working to help in this latest time of need.

Niles Community Center Director Jean Williams said the increase is not staggering but noticeable. Niles Community Services helps 250-300 families a month. It also has clothing and can help with all basic humanitarian services. The food pantry is open to residents of Niles, McDonald, Mineral Ridge and Weathersfield.

“We’re here to help them as best as we can, and they’re adjusting. They’ll have to adjust,” Williams said.

Williams said her clients aren’t getting extra money like they did last year. No more stimulus checks.

Higher utilities or rent is leading to a busted budget where they need help. Niles Community Services has been providing assistance since 1923.

“Envision a wheel. This church might be collecting tuna, this one collecting pasta. Maybe these people are collecting juice and they all donate to this agency,” Williams said.

The center will buy 15,000 pounds of food a month from Second Harvest. Volunteers will put together food bags for anyone who comes in and asks. It includes all of the staples: proteins, fruit, soup, meat, even butter.

“You can make meals with what we give you. Feed you for the month? Absolutely not, but it does help. It helps you stretch your food dollars,” Williams said.

There are also churches in Niles that sponsor community meals on Thursdays. Many people will go to those to supplement the assistance they get from Niles Community Services.

The Niles Community Center is located at 401 Vienna Ave., Niles. For more information call 330-652-6412.