How does frost form?

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The Valley typically sees its first frost in the beginning of October, so we are long overdue for it.

When it comes to fall weather, the first frost of the season typically indicates that the cool, crisp air is set for the rest of the season.

Defining a first official frost date (as per National Weather Service’s standards) is when a town has reached 36°F.

The Valley typically sees its first frost around the first of October. So far, we have yet to see our official date in 2021 due to warm spell we had the first half of the month. The latest first frost on record in the Valley is October 28 back in 2007.

Frost typically occurs on grassy surfaces as roadways absorb and retain too much heat to form frost.

The perfect weather conditions for frost to form is usually between 35-37°F and clear skies. Under those perfect conditions, the grass surface’s temperature can sometimes be less at or less than 32°F when the air temperature just a few feet above is warmer. The moisture on the grass then freezes creating frost.

The same logic can be applied to car windshields too.

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