MESOPOTAMIA, Ohio (WKBN) — At least one crop has benefitted from the hot temperatures and tropical dew points this week.

At Ridgeview Farm in Mesopotamia, strawberry season is in full swing.

“The crop is coming along great,” said farmer Steve Grover.

Mother Nature appears to be playing nice this year with hot days and timely rain.

“The weather’s actually been cooperative strawberries like tropical weather the rain the hot the rain the hot then not so much rain and so they’re doing very well,” said Sharon Grover with Ridgeview Farm.

“The hot days sweeten them up so you get rain and then nice warm sunny days that makes your best berries,” said Steve.

It was too hot to pick berries on Wednesday but Thursday, workers were back in the fields.

The heat and humidity may not make for the most comfortable picking conditions but it definitely sure makes for a great strawberry so sweet.

“They taste like candy. They’re just wonderful,” said Sharon.

At Ridgeview Farm, strawberries are available at the roadside stand or if you want to save a few bucks, you can pick your own in the mornings.

“People are really wanting to save money these days and they can save almost two dollars a cord if they pick their own and it’s easy picking this week is easy picking,” said Sharon.

Either way, the Grovers just ask that you call ahead to check on field conditions or place an order on the phone or online since the crop and how much is available is dependent on the weather.