BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Hot Dog Shoppe is progressing at its new location in Boardman.

There is no resemblance now to the building that was originally a gas station, or more recently, Denny’s. And the excitement is building.

“The question is how excited are you? I think we are all excited. Boardman is a great market,” said owner Greg Vojnovic.

Boardman will be the fourth location in the Hot Dog Shoppe family. There is the Jib Jab in Girard, plus the Hot Dog Shoppes in Warren and East Liverpool.

“Our goal is to keep those as they’ve always been. What we’re doing here is being very respectful to the past and use that to kind of create our kind of go-forward look for what we’re going to do,” Vojnovic said.

The shoppe will use the same Sugardale hotdog it has since 1946, buns baked by Schwebel’s, and the same recipes for the hot dog chili or sauce.

“Of course, we have the world’s best french fries. We cut the french fries on site every single day, and we prepare them for you and we’re making them the old-fashioned way–how they were done back in the day, not the way that you get it every other restaurant here,” Vojnovic said.

The new location will add a fresh smashed hamburger and frozen custard. It’s subtle changes to a recipe that’s worked for over 80 years.

The Hot Dog Shoppe is not changing the food, but how guests get it. A double drive-thru will help move the line faster. People can order ahead, and there will be room for at least 90 eaters inside.

“I’m real happy that we’re here excited and the community the outreach from the community has been just outrageous, and it’s been really great and we can’t wait to be part of the community. Like I said, you know, the restaurant that we belong to the community we’re here for them,” Vojnovic said.

Supply chain issues are a big problem here, too. The front door was ordered 16 weeks ago and they’re still waiting for it to arrive.

You could say Greg Vojnovic is home. The original Arby’s is right up the street. Greg helped rebuild what’s known as Arby’s 1A across the street. Now he expects the Hot Dog Shoppe to be just as successful.