Hospital police officer charged after road rage incident

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WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – A Mercy Health police officer is facing an aggravated menacing charge following what police said was a road rage incident last week in Champion Township.

Brian Kelly was charged with aggravated menacing and had his bond set at $2,500 during his arraignment Tuesday in Warren Municipal Court. He is due back in court on Aug. 4.

According to a police report, Kelly was driving a white Chevy Impala on Mahoning Avenue N.W. on Thursday when he became upset by a man in a red truck who he said was tailgating him. The driver of the red truck, Mickle Hebrock, was driving with his 16-year-old daughter.

Hebrock started to pass Kelly when he looked over and noticed Kelly was “flipping” him off. Hebrock proceeded to slam on his brakes while driving in front of Kelly.

According to the police report, when Hebrock glanced in his review mirror, he saw Kelly pointing a gun through the windshield, aiming at the back of his daughter’s head. Hebrock said the driver of the white car threatened to shoot him and then proceeded to make physical threats.

Hebrock told police he then called 911 and maneuvered his truck to block the white car from leaving until the police could get there. A witness told police that a man in a red truck gunned his engine and went out and around all the traffic and then slammed on his brakes, stopping all the traffic behind him, including the white Impala.

Another witness stated, “the man wearing the police uniform told the driver of the red pickup truck he would shoot him for tailgating him.”

Hebrock was cited for reckless operation, according to a police report.

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