CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — Makenzie Schmied and her husband went to sleep Thursday night with one horse — and woke up Friday with two.

Mist is a registered Belgian and a breeded draft horse. Her due date was mid-September — but her foal had other plans.

“My husband was getting ready to feed her and he noticed that the baby was on the ground and we went in there and he was still wet so — there was still the afterbirth,” Schmied said.

Schmied thinks the stress of the fair induced labor, but Misty, a seasoned mom of four, and the foal — who they named Canfield — were in good spirits.

“He was already up and walking around, we made sure that he nursed and he was able to latch on and that she was producing milk regularly. He was doing great, he was actually nursing before we even realized it,” Schmied said.

She said even Misty’s pregnancy was a surprise.

“He was not planned, the father actually got in with her and unfortunately she was in heat and that’s what happened,” Schmied said.

Canfield’s father is half Belgian and half Percheron, making him 75% Belgian. His name has a special meaning to Schmied.

“My great-grandpa actually ran the pony rides here and he had a little black-and-white pony that was born here that his name was Canfield, so it’s kind of like a tradition, a family name for us,” Schmied said.