Hometown Heroes: ‘Lot lady’ helps beautify vacant lot in Youngstown

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Anyone who has traveled along U.S. Route 62 through Youngstown where Albert Street intersects with Youngstown-Hubbard Road may be familiar with the work of this week’s Hometown Hero.

“I’m called the lot lady. And I don’t mind, I’m proud of it,” Peggy Bosela said.

For several years, Bosela has been taking care of and decorating a piece of property on the east side that she doesn’t even own. It started with her and a friend simply hanging a few bows on the trees.

“It was at Christmas time and cars started going by and they were honking their horns and I thought, wow this is really cool,” Bosela said.

It was only a matter of time before she began giving the lot more tender loving care.

“I started making islands and I like to mulch so I started to mulch and did some flowers and it just kept getting bigger and bigger,” Bosela said.

Today, she decorates the lot for holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

“This was an area that at one point, no one would even slow down at. Now they pull over, they stop, they tell me how much they appreciate it. And sometimes they leave donations, sometimes not. I’m just happy that they stop and talk to me,” Bosela said.

Bosela’s friend Shirley helps out quite a bit as do members of the community. Her biggest challenge was getting water for the plants, until passers-by stepped in to help. Her watering station is full of plastic jugs.

“They just have me throw the containers by the road and they pick them up and fill them up again,” Bosela said.

It’s the help and support of the people that keeps her going. Brenda Wright was one of several people to nominate Bosela.

“So one day I was driving and I saw her and I pulled over and I went over there and talked to her, asked her name and I told her in case nobody has told you. I appreciate you keeping this lot up. It’s beautiful, it’s pretty,” Wright said.

It was her generosity that really impressed Wright.

“The thing that really got me. She said, at the end, ‘this is not even my lot.’ I said ‘you don’t own this?’ She said no. I said ‘God Bless you child’,” Wright said.

Bosela’s favorite part is meeting the people who stop by.

“I’m just so lucky to meet all of these people that have such big hearts. You don’t run into that all the time. I do. But most people don’t get to see what I do,” Bosela said.

Bosela will continue to take care of the lot and she hopes to add few Japanese Maple trees to the lot later this year.

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