Holiday shoppers weigh in on which is better, buying gifts online or in stores?

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With Christmas Eve only two weeks away from Tuesday, are more shoppers going online or in store for gifts?

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) – The Christmas shopping season is shorter this year since Thanksgiving was later this year, leaving shoppers feeling rushed when checking off items on their Christmas lists.

So which is better for this time of year, online shopping or shopping in stores?

“I think Dec. 1 is when I realized Christmas was coming and I needed to do my shopping and get everything together,” said shopper Aamber Hopson.

“You get through Thanksgiving and then you think about Christmas,” said shopper Edward T. Cook.

With Christmas Eve only two weeks away from Tuesday, shoppers at the Eastwood Mall in Niles weighed in on the question.

“I actually just put in an Amazon order earlier today, but I need more gifts so I decided to just come in,” Hopson said.

“Well, I like to look at the things that I’m buying for the people I’m buying for, because you want to pick the perfect gift out,” said shopper Carolyn Raub.

“I try to do most of mine online or I like to shop by myself,” Cook said.

But why? Why is online shopping more appealing than going to the stores in person?

“You can shop in your pajamas. You don’t have to leave the house. You don’t have to deal with our cold, rainy weather,” Hopson said.

“You typically can get, if not the same thing. You have more choices [online], spend less time looking at choices and you have the ability to get all kinds of discounts,” Cook said.

But Raub says Christmas gifts are special, which is why she believes going in person is better.

“Sometimes when you touch it and feel it and see the kids get excited about it, you know you’re getting the right gifts,” she said.

Even with increasing numbers of online shoppers, the Eastwood Mall’s marketing director, Alyson Carson, says she has still seen a lot of foot traffic.

“We see a lot of people, they do have that short of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So they’re coming out, getting their sales on and while they’re here, they are doing their shopping, enjoying holiday entertainment,” Carson said.

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