YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — An open house Sunday afternoon at the Arms Family Museum highlighted a milestone.

For 148 years, the Mahoning Valley Historical Society has preserved the history of the Mahoning Valley. An open house event highlighted the milestone by offering people the opportunity to check out the museum, take a walking tour of Wick Avenue and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

The museum contains mid-century modern design, including a full Youngstown Kitchen and costume gallery.

“So many people love the history we have here in the Valley because there’s something for everyone,” said Traci Manning, with the Mahoning Valley Historical Society. “We’ve survived a lot here, which is great — and we are really thriving again, so I think it’s important to celebrate the past and kind of use that to inspire us as we keep heading in to the future.”

The museum also offers a hands-on history room for children.