Highway Patrol: 1 person in hospital after being hit twice by woman in car

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A local man was on his way home from work when he noticed a car swerving by the Giant Eagle parking lot, and minutes later, that car hit a bicyclist… twice.

Bob Monrean saw the car a little before 7 p.m. by the Giant Eagle on Belmont Avenue, between Tibbetts Wick Road and Route 82.

He says he called 911 after the driver almost hit him. He was debating with the dispatcher whether he should follow her.

He did and about two minutes later, he saw the driver hit a cyclist.

“She turns around [after hitting the bicyclist] does a u-turn in front of me and a semi-truck… she turns back around, runs back into the bicyclist a second time and the guy is just laying there. I finally… said ‘stop, stop, please stop’ and I could tell she looked like she had a medical condition, she was gray.”

State troopers say they will take any medical conditions into consideration while they figure out any charges.

They are not saying if they plan to ticket the woman who hit the cyclist.

The cyclist was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital without any life-threatening injuries.

Monrean says he was very worried for both the driver and victim.

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