KINSMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Several classrooms are more lively thanks to a Niles business.

Awesome Aquatics has donated aquariums to several schools. One of those was Badger Middle School on Tuesday. For the second year in a row, the class received an aquarium with several different types of fish.

“We’re hoping that it helps them relax in school and helps them concentrate,” said Awesome Aquatics owner Rob Williams. “A lot of students with sensory disorders, it’s really good for them.”

Badger Middle School teacher Deann Kirby couldn’t agree more.

“The kids come in and they talk to the fish,” said Kirby. “We are currently naming our new set of fish this year. It’s just a nice sense of community.”

Kirby says the aquarium also gives her students a sense of responsibility as many help her feed the fish and maintain the aquarium’s water level.

Each aquarium is themed for the holidays, including Halloween as some of the names in the running are Snickers and Musketeer.

Williams said plans are also coming together to start a nonprofit aquarium gallery and a fish rescue for those with special needs.

“The hopes are that people with disabilities, senior citizens — it’ll be a nice place for them to go and decompress, just be, and enjoy some aquariums and relax,” said Williams.

Awesome Aquatics has also donated aquariums to Champion Central Elementary School and Sunny Hope Amish School with plans to add more.

It costs $500 to sponsor an aquarium for a classroom. The amount is divided evenly throughout the year with half of it going toward aquarium maintenance and the other half to the teacher to purchase classroom supplies.

Those interested in sponsoring an aquarium can reach out directly to a teacher or by calling Awesome Aquatics at 330-974-4081.