YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — On March 28, Victoria Bloom was driving on I-680 in Youngstown heading to work when she hit black ice.

Her tire exploded, she lost her axel and hit the cement guard rail twice. She flew across two lanes of traffic.

Though she walked away safely from the accident, her car was totaled and her guardian angel pendant lost.

But Thursday, weeks after the accident, Victoria ended up receiving an envelope from the Youngstown Fire Department.

Her guardian angel — a gift from her great-grandmother — had miraculously been returned.

To top it off, the pendant was returned on her 21st birthday.

“My heart was like ‘Oh my gosh. It’s my angel,’ and I said ‘Where would it have come from? Who would have found it? And who would have even thought about sending it back or what the meaning of it was,'” Bloom said.

The guardian angel was returned the same day that Victoria purchased her new car. She said it will ride in her new truck — just like her old car.