Girard police to start giving fines to drivers caught by speed cameras

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GIRARD, Ohio (WYTV) – In April, officers in Girard started using speed cameras and issuing warnings to anyone driving over the speed limit. Starting August 4, the grace period is over and tickets will be issued by the city.

Girard Police Chief Jeff Palmer told First News that they have handed out more than 1,000 warnings. Starting Sunday, they will start sending the fines.

If caught by one of the speed cameras, the cost of the ticket will be $100. The purpose of the cameras and the fines is to make the roads safer.

Drivers can spot police officers using the cameras in different areas throughout Girard. Chief Palmer said the biggest focus is construction zones as well as school zones now that school will be back in session soon. Another area of focus is downtown.

The city does give some leeway, but Palmer would not give the exact threshold. City law does say drivers can get a speeding ticker by going 10 miles over the speed limit.

A man who works in Girard spoke with First News. He said he believes the cameras are going to cause some problems for people who drive through the city, especially down 422. One portion of the road has a speed limit of 25 miles per hour, and he said that is the issue.

“And it’s hard to go 25 miles per hour. And I think if you go 30-35, they are going to get you a ticket. And it’s pretty hard when you’re coming to work and you’re making minimum wage and you get a $100 to $150 ticket,” said Michael Taninecz.

Chief Palmer said they are not out to give people a bunch of tickets. They just want the roadways to be safer with less speeding cars and fewer accidents.

One woman was given one of the warnings in the mail. She was caught driving 45 miles per hour down 422 where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour. She told First News that she has mixed emotions about the cameras.

“I don’t know. Maye they think they have to do what they have to do. I guess it’s fine but not for me,” said Margo Bluedorn.

Bluedorn said people need to be on guard. She said people need to make sure they are always going the speed limit so they do not get stuck with a $100 fine.

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