CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Hundreds of animals are being brought to the Canfield Fairgrounds this week as everyone gets ready for opening day.

The 4-H event center at the fairgrounds is bustling with activity as hogs, cattle and other animals are being brought in.

For many of the young people and their families at the Canfield Fair, entering and showing animals is a rite of passage.

“I have one hog over there and I have four goats. I have one sheep and I have two cows,” said Dalton Ewing of Canfield.

The annual Junior Fair will attract more than 1, 200 entries, everything from dairy cattle and steers to hogs, goats and much more. It requires a huge commitment of time and effort.

Briley Chance, 16, of Milton Township, has been showing animals since she was nine years old. At the end of this year’s fair, she and hundreds of others like her hope to sell all of the animals they’ve spent the last year grooming and preparing for this week.

“I’ve been working since February with my calf. Walk ’em twice a day, feed, and clean stalls,” Chance said.

Katie Byers of North Jackson said she’s working to get money for college.

“A lot of it goes into my college account and some of it is put to purchasing animals next year,” Byers said.

Many of the kids say they have been raising animals for years and bring them to the fair and ultimately selling them offers great life lessons.

“Responsibility is a main one. I put my animals in exhibit — not everybody knows about the agriculture industry. I like educating people on what I do,” Chance said.

“No matter what I go into to. A lot of lessons that I’ve learned through 4-H will carry on into whatever I choose to do,” Byers said.

The giant pumpkin weigh-ins also happened Tuesday. Several dozens were brought in, many on trailers. One weighed over 1,500 pounds. That’s a couple of hundred pounds over the winner of last year’s competition.

In the end, Benjamin McMillan, of Salem, had the winning entry at 1,700 pounds — the largest pumpkin ever at the fair.

Eventually, the seeds of the pumpkins will be harvested.

“They trade seeds back and forth with other growers. They sell some seeds. In fact, the pumpkin growers have seeds for sale here at the fair. If you stop down at the pumpkin barn, you can buy a packet of three or five seeds and take home and try it yourself,” said Canfield Fair Board member Craig Myers.

The fair runs from Wednesday, Aug. 31 to Monday, Sept. 5.