[Editor’s Note: In the video above Stefani Schaefer gets her flu shot and learns why we might have an early flu season.]

(WJW) – There is a new request from the Cleveland Clinic to visitors and caregivers.

As Northeast Ohio enters cold and flu season, those entering an inpatient unit at Cleveland Clinic will soon be asked to wear a mask, sanitize their hands, remember proper cough etiquette, and not to visit if they are sick.

“We are now entering respiratory virus season – a time when we see increasing cases of illnesses such as influenza, RSV and COVID-19. For many, these viruses only cause mild sickness. However, for others, they could lead to serious illness or even death,” said the hospital system in a press release.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the measures are requests, not requirements. Implementation will begin on Oct. 17. Masks will be available at location entrances and upon request.