(WKBN) – These chillier fall days may have your furnace kicking on. If you haven’t had your furnace checked, now would be the time.

When the first cold day hits, Clayton Heating & Air Conditioning always receives a rush of calls. President Gene Clayton says it is important to get ahead of the weather.

“Call in, get something set up so they don’t have to wait a month and a half for us to come out and service it,” he said.

Your furnace should be serviced once a year to make sure the controls are working and the filter is changed. Dispatcher Bill Chipps says most furnace issues are because of a dirty filter and lack of maintenance.

“You got that dirty air throughout your house. You know, you’re breathing that stuff in. Clean filter, clean air, healthy people,” Chipps said.

A clogged filter stops air from moving through the furnace, which can cause it to overheat.

If you’re wondering where your furnace filter is, it’s typically in a filter cabinet that’s attached to your furnace. When you’re changing the filter, make sure the airflow arrow is pointing toward your furnace.

“If this filter would ever start falling apart or breaking down, that metal backing holds everything together, so it will not get sucked into your furnace,” Chipps said.

Clayton says a furnace’s lifespan is around 18-20 years. After that, it is recommended to replace it.