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Frigid temps lead to stranded cars

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Frigid temps leads to stranded cars_31377

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – The frigid temperatures in the Valley are leaving a lot of drivers stuck and unable to start their car in the cold.

That means towing companies have been very busy over the past week.

“Yeah, a lot of battery installations, jump starts. A lot of tire changes, hitting potholes,” said Al Bliss, battery service technician for Crump’s Towing in Boardman.

Technicians from Crump’s have been working 12-hour days to get cars up and running.

“We have been pretty non-stop with the cold weather, usually from the time we get here to the time we go home,” Bliss said.

He said that in subzero temperatures, batteries that are newer and get a lot of use are more likely to start up. But it’s no guarantee.

“You know, it’s just hit and miss. But me, I have my vehicle running. I will be starting it up later tonight also. That way when I get up in the morning, I know I am going to make it to work,” Bliss said.

“If they have a batter charger, it would not be a bad idea to put their battery upon a charge device and make sure it is at its peak capacity when they are going out tomorrow morning to start up and head about their day,” said Jeff Parker, service driver for Crump’s Towing.

Parker’s tablet has been lighting up with service requests from AAA members.

“Something else they might want to do also is check their tire pressure. With all the potholes that are developing from the heaving of the pavement, it would be good to have good tire pressure to make sure it can withstand the impact of those potholes,” he said.

And one other important driving tip: Make sure to leave plenty of space in front of your car when driving on snow and ice. So if your car starts sliding or going off course, there is enough time to avoid a crash.

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