YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Friends and family honored a Youngstown man as a highly decorated firefighter.

Family and friends said Don Wrench was also a motorcycle enthusiast. They celebrated him at the 84th reunion of the Pirate Motorcycle Club.

He had been around motorcycles since he was a teen and restored Doris Crandall’s 1953 Harley Davidson. Crandall taught residents of North Lima how to ride.

To keep her legacy alive, Wrench started an annual fall cruise that is still hosted to this day. Not only did he give back to the motorcycle community, he was a hero.

His dedication to his craft left a huge impact and during his time in police and fire he saved multiple lives.

“There were four kids still in the house that was involved and so he went upstairs, went in with another fireman and he saved three kids that were in the bedroom and his partner went down and got the other ones,” said Pirate Motorcycle president Laurence Smith.