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French-based company in Youngstown, exploring opportunities for growth

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A French-based company is in Youngstown, eyeing business opportunities in the U.S.  

Nanoe, a technical ceramic producer, has a business development director using the Youngstown Business Incubator as his base. He’ll spend the next year exploring the market in the U.S. for possible expansion here. 

Nanoe officials say they want to evolve into an international company as the market for 3-D printing is still developing.

Nanoe launched a new range of 3-D filaments last year and the Youngstown office will lay the foundation to bring those advancements to U.S. customers.

CEO Guillaume de Calan said there a few key niche players for ceramic 3-D printing, but it is very small compared to metal and plastics because the materials are difficult to shape and process. He also said the machines to do it are very expensive.

“To print ceramics, you need dedicated 3-D printing machines that are very expensive. We decided to take a different approach and to adapt out raw material to existing machines already on the market in number,” he said.

A U.S. expansion would position Nanoe in front of major players in several areas such as automotive, aerospace, industrial and medical, de Calan said. 

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