(WKBN) – A Liberty man is sharing his story after serving as a corrections officer for years. His new book aims to shed light on working in the prison system.

Chuck Williams has had quite a life experience. After dropping out of Girard High School, he enlisted in the military.

Upon returning home from the military, Williams ended up working for Youngstown Thermal for about 10 years before getting a job with the state’s supermax prison in Youngstown as a boiler operator.

Within six months, he became a corrections officer, where he “encountered many, many escapes, fights, suicides and murders.”

“Throughout the years there, it affects you,” he said.

In 2016, Williams said the prison warden suggested he take some vacation time. Within a week, he said he received a letter from the prison to see a state doctor.

“I was diagnosed with PTSD and that I was never to step foot back in a state prison facility,” Williams said.

Per the doctor’s orders, Williams was forced to retire. He said he was very bitter and angry and wanted revenge.

In 2019, he decided to move forward with writing his book, “Duty. Honor. Corrections. My Prison. My Past. My Life.”

“No matter what position you have in a prison setting, the things you see and the things around you, it’s going to affect you, period,” he said.

Williams says his book focuses on “how what we see and the evil in prisons and how it affects you,” along with signs of PTSD and how to manage it.

“In turn, I think it will really help those still working in the system and those who have retired from the system and don’t realize why they feel the way they do,” he said.

Williams’ book is being released on Feb. 2 on Amazon Kindle and on paperback in March. There will be a book signing on April 1 at Wine Makers Headquarters in Liberty.