Father of Canfield student threatened by classmate storms out of board meeting

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Many of the community members at the meeting were upset with how the superintendent and school board handled the threat

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The father of a Canfield student threatened by another student in September got into a shouting match with members of the school board Wednesday night.

On Tuesday, police released a report claiming Canfield Schools’ administration misled and misinformed people about the threat.

About 60 community members attended the school board meeting Wednesday — some of them angry over how it was handled. They didn’t mince words about how they felt.

WATCH: Community confronts Canfield School Board on how it handled threat

“There is a serious lack of communication in this district,” said Michele Piver, who was the first to speak.

The report accusing Geordan of misleading the public brought Canfield alumna and YSU student Samantha Fritz to tears.

“I hope you guys have learned from this situation,” she said.

‘We care’: Canfield superintendent talks to community about threat

“Why does it take a police investigation to bring to the surface a problematic, unacceptable behavior of the superintendent of this district?” Joe Boris questioned.

Boris is the father of the student who was threatened. He stood just 10 feet from the board while addressing them.

“As adults, we teach our children don’t steal, don’t cheat, don’t lie. You have managed to do all three in one fell swoop,” he said.

Canfield teacher Renee English supported the superintendent.

“Mr. Geordan has demonstrated sound leadership qualities, a sound work ethic,” she said.

But as English spoke, Boris could be seen mouthing something, presumably to Geordan.

Members of the board ordered him to stop.

“We did not do anything while you spoke, Mr. Boris,” said board member Traci Decapua. “If you can’t conduct yourself in a civil way, there’s the door.”

And with that, Boris stood up and left the meeting. Later in the hallway, the school board president told him he was not allowed back inside.

Geordan addressed the crowd, saying the district has tripled the number of nurses in the schools to deal with students’ emotional issues.

“There’s not one time, do we ever want anything to happen to anyone. Ever. We think of our youngsters here like they are our own and, truly, believe that. You might not — then you don’t know me,” he said.

Still, some parents weren’t buying it.

“If something happened to even one of those children, it doesn’t matter what wonderful things you have done up to this point. It doesn’t matter,” Carrie Pasquale said.

Before the public was allowed to speak, the principals of each school talked about the positive things being done in their buildings. Some of them did express support for Geordan and his administration.

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