Family, professor and classmates remember kayaker lost in accident on Lake Milton

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At YSU, classmates & professors described Eyad Traish as an intelligent and bright young man

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – In late September, 26-year-old Eyad Traish went missing on Lake Milton after his kayak tipped over. His family and those close to him remember what made the young man so special.

“He was very sympathetic, very empathetic, very pious. He was a very selfless person. He would be the type to give you the clothes off of his back if you needed it,” said Eyad’s brother, Ehab Traish.

Traish said the tragic death of his brother took the whole family by surprise. But because of Eyad, they’ve remained strong.

“He was the strongest bond in the family that kept us as one unit, one solid unit,” Traish said. “He’s always wanted us to be a strong unit family and never let anything get us down, no matter what life throws at us.”

At YSU, classmates & professors described Eyad as an intelligent and bright young man, saying he was really proud and loved being a respiratory care professional.

“The students that are left there that knew him, that is what they say. Eyad is the reason why I am here. He was so passionate and excited about being a respiratory therapist,” said YSU Health Professor May Yacovone.

In fact, Yacovone says it was Eyad that influenced her into becoming a professor in the respiratory program.

“He influenced so many. He continues to do that in his spirit, and I think in his presence because they still talk about him,” she said.

Luahi Mish Mish was Eyad’s friend. One of many who are supporting each other.

“We’re all accepting what happened. It was hard at first, but we’ve all come together and been there for each other.”

Traish said Eyad’s character is what stays with many people.

“It is what everyone should take as an example on how to be in this life,” he said.

Yacovone agrees that Eyad is a good example and reminds her students how important actions are in forming character.

“What you do, how you act, your attitude behind things play a role in who you become, and he really puts the bar pretty high,” she said.

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