WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — This is Gun Violence Awareness Week, and in Warren Thursday evening, it was recognized with what was billed as “a mother’s prayer.”

Twenty-five people gathered in the Pavilion at North End Park to pray and raise awareness of gun violence.

Some wore orange – the color of gun violence – because it’s the color hunters wear to protect themselves. Among those in attendance was Sheauntie Murry whose grandmother and daughter both died by guns.

Does she have any solutions?

“It starts somewhat at home, but then when your children leave home, you have to see who they’re with. You have to just take out that time, that extra time. Everybody’s busy; I get it, but surprise them. Pop up on them and start from there,” said Murry.

When the group was asked how many knew someone who died from a gun, virtually everyone there raised their hands.