Families head out to Fellows Riverside Gardens to enjoy the beautiful fall weather

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Days like Friday can show the significance of sharing family memories

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Friday was a beautiful fall day. The weather conditions were perfect at Mill Creek Park, even some of the summer flowers were still in bloom. We talked with a few people enjoying the day, and learned it was all about family.

Fall is in the air around Fellows Riverside Gardens, and it has the look of Halloween. There were plenty of smiles under the sunny sky on Friday.

Kenaily Fernandez was the focus of attention, having pictures taken for her sixth birthday.

Valerie Sinkuc of Farrell was celebrating a birthday, too. The park holds special memories for her family and the weather certainly helped.

“A lot of days are pretty this time of year in September and October with the sun, like an Indian summer day,” Sinkuc said.

It has been a big week adding Halloween decorations at the Riverside Gardens. The Stuber family, from Struthers, noticed the changes.

There’s a certain spot they wanted to share with their family, their granddaughter — the overlook, because it has such family significance.

Nine-year-old Maya Benninger is homeschooled, had finished her work and was visiting her grandparents. She fell in love with the view, thinking it looked like the Great Smoky Mountains.

“From one of the peaks there I looked out and saw a really big river and it was really pretty. It looked almost exactly like this,” she said.

Ron and Ann Stuber had brought Maya to the park. They already knew the view from the overlook. It may have changed over the years, but it was always a reminder of their beginning together.

“It’s nice bringing Maya here and showing her where Ron and I had our wedding pictures 49 years ago,” Ann said.

The Stubers have had a tough year. Ron caught the coronavirus in the spring but recovered. Beautiful fall days show him the significance of sharing family memories.

“We tell her about little things we did here and there. It’s a special day today,” Ron said.

The Stubers will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next year on August 14.

The odds are better that the weather will be as good as today, and it’s fairly certain they’ll take a picture together from the overlook.

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